Accelerated the railway cargo express logistics "high iron age"

With the deepening of the reform of railway freight transportation, logistics in mainland China into the "high iron age" gathered pace, prospects.

Recently, wuhan, lanzhou, xi 'an, kunming railway dispatching goods, such as the express train, can amount to 120 kilometers per hour; At the same time, testing the waters "high-speed express" city also increased rapidly, goods "sit" high-speed "day" "foyer" "next to" has been realized in more than 40 cities.

Since last June railway freight reform, the launch of high speed freight activity. Using high-speed network extending in all directions to freight in our country, is the railway cargo to "gun".

At present, the country can deal with high-speed express city reached 45, high-speed rail station are set up for each city high-speed express business department. Inter-city express trains goods, meanwhile, are also more operation, from the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, beijing-tianjin-hebei to xi 'an, lanzhou, kunming, zhengzhou, wuhan and other cities, the fast freight column of up to 120 km per hour, but at present our country railway freight trains the average speed of 90 km.

In September this year, wuhan railway bureau issued a first visit to the inter-city fast freight trains, carrying more than 500 tons of scattered goods such as clothing, food, baby carrier 81511 trucks from hanyang wujiashan the station, suizhou, xiangyang, the next day at noon to shiyan, starting from shiyan to return to wuhan again in the evening.

Just after half month, wuhan railway administration on September 16, significantly increase the divisions of the freight train and route, common operation of 4 to 8 cargo express train, covering 164 operating station, radiation all counties and cities in hubei, southern henan and part of the villages and towns.

"The biggest bright spot is freight express speed, speed of 120 km." Wuhan railway bureau said han west train operation depot, deputy long Ye Xiong, such as 81511 trains ride, 1 for daily operation, customer delivery by rail to xiangyang to one or two days before, now only 7 hours.

Wuhan Orient logistics co., LTD., Jiang Xueming calculated brushstroke zhang, head of the goods shipped to shiyan yun freight 80 yuan per ton in the car, by train and short barge costs only need 60 yuan, if to further places such as henan, enshi, the logistics cost and reduce a lot. In his view, the fast freight column is not only fast, more important is the "rail boss" former finally reached down, with the concept of passenger transport organization of freight.

Run strictly according to plan for a long time for railway freight transportation means in our country, the entry of goods, loading and unloading, and transportation are to declare plan, combined with strained, take the coal, grain, iron ore and other commodities transportation tasks, scattered little. The market main body wants to use the railway transport is likely to be "alliance" "back door". Today, the development of high-speed rail to release a large amount of capacity, the traditional bulk freight volume and a downward trend, rail freight often do not have enough to eat, the deployment of the central comprehensively deepen reform and the market reversed transmission, "rail boss" bent over market to speed up the pace.

According to wuhan chang-lu zhao, director of the center for railway freight marketing, operation of the railway freight express have according to the concept of passenger transport operations, the train starting, stopping, running into time are according to the figure up time, fixed cars, operation time, loading and unloading, transportation price, running lines, even tens of kilograms of scattered to several tons of open to accept the goods, don't have to go to the marshalling of the marshalling station, don't have to "set the whole zero percent" after "hitchhiking" transport.


High-speed, express, freight fast column frequently attack by logistics owners, the owner of the goods, they think that freight trains is the railway departments to deepen the reform of real dividends, believe further market-oriented reforms, high speed freight even "Gao Tiehua" will also get more ascension, also will bring greater benefits to the people, and even change the modern logistics industry competition. "High iron age" will also be prospects of logistics.