The international logistics service project is different from the operation of the logistics service

Because the international logistics service project has purpose, uniqueness, disposable, conditionality, uncertainty, the physical, which is in many ways and logistics service operation is completely different. The two kinds of logistics service operation of the main differences include the following several aspects. First activity and the content is not the same, the nature of the logistics service project also will exist in the process of operation of the large number of repeated cycles of or routine logistics service work, the majority is for the enterprise production of finished products lake is selling and providing logistics service operations, and logistics services that exist in the main is unique and is not repeated thermal service work.

On the other hand, the environment and the way these two kinds of operation is different, the operation of the logistics service work environment is relatively closed and determined, and the service of oak work environment is open and uncertain. One more thing, these two kinds of organization and management methods are also different, logistic service operation according to the functions of the service content and the general respectively responsible for transportation, storage, packaging and other logistics service operations, logistics services, based on the principles of mutual cooperation to organize general by transportation, storage, packaging, and other professional personnel of project team to carry out the operation. The two have different management methods, the former depends on the method based on functions of the management, emphasizes the function of management and command command; The latter rely on the management method based on activity and process, emphasizes the integration management and equal cooperation.